August 7, 2020

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The Saints took on the Jaguars last Sunday and other then the continued sacks of QB Bridgewater I can’t tell you much as I fell asleep and it went to halftime with a 3 to 3 score. I did see a sign put up by Jaguar fans that said “SACKSONVILLE”. That was kinda of funny……

Thankfully the second half was more exciting with the first touchdown of the game. It was a defensive battle between the New Orleans Saints and the Jacksonville Jaguars who fell just short in a 13-6 loss at home.  Everyone is talking about Minshew madness but  he wasn’t able to give the team the mustache magic he had hoped for. Could that mustache be called a Fu Minshew?

The Jaguar offense struggled in the second half and  couldn’t get enough going against the Saints team who are heading for the playoffs, and the Saints are now 5-1.

The latest rumor is that QB Brees may be back when they play the Arizona Cardinals in two weeks.